Donna Conforti, LLC: Executive Coaching for Individuals and Teams


My coaching engagements are customized to help my clients achieve the goals that are most meaningful to them.

How does it work?

Meetings are typically twice per month with unlimited access via phone and e-mail. Coaching conversations take place over the phone and/or face-to-face, based on my clients’ schedules and preferences.

Initially we’ll talk about your professional history, current situation, business environment, and the goals that are most important to you.

Common steps in coaching engagements:

  • Review professional history, current situation, business environment, and preliminary goals
  • “360” interviews with colleagues to clarify leadership strengths and opportunities
  • Assessments to reveal more about personal style and its impact
  • Selection of one or two high –leverage, realistic goals
  • Homework to increase self-awareness and practice new approaches
  • Midpoint progress review, need to adapt goals?
  • Final review with plan for sustaining changes under day-to-day pressures
  • Quarterly check-in coaching for one year as resource to leader

Then I’ll gather feedback on your leadership strengths and opportunities. To get this feedback, I typically use a combination of interviews, a personality assessment such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator™, a leadership diagnostic tool such as The Leadership Circle Profile™ and/or recent in-house assessments. Sometimes, my clients ask me to “shadow” them in work situations, adding a real-time dimension to our conversations.

Insight leads to impetus

We’ll explore, banter and bounce things back and forth as you take a closer look at yourself and your impact.

I’ll offer concepts and principles intended to stretch and challenge your thinking; I’ll introduce you to new approaches that can help you achieve the results you want.

Sometimes there will be “homework." For example, I may recommend reading, ask you to write down things you notice about yourself or request that you practice new approaches.

I’ll make adjustments along the way, since situations always change. When our work is finished, we’ll craft a plan to help ensure the changes “stick” under pressure in the days ahead. This includes quarterly “reinforcement coaching” which I offer to my clients for one year after our engagement is complete.