Donna Conforti, LLC: Executive Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Core Values


My commitment is to listen, probe, challenge and support my clients as they discover more about themselves and practice new approaches. I operate with the highest levels of honesty and integrity, offering my clients candid and direct feedback for the sake of their personal and professional growth.


Change takes courage. I recognize that each client come to coaching with a different level of readiness. While I offer my clients ways to stretch and challenge themselves, they set the pace. The focus is on their agendas, not my own.


While the coaching plan we establish guides the work we do, there are times when business conditions and other circumstances redirect the focus. My coaching is “real-time,” responsive to what my clients need.


For any relationship to have meaning, it must be grounded in trust. I create a “safe zone” for my clients to have the conversations that can motivate change, treating the work we do together as wholly confidential. I do not even communicate that we have a professional coaching relationship. Any thing shared is at my clients’ discretion.


I ask my clients to come with an open mind and willingness to learn. It takes a commitment to invest in personal and professional growth. Something has to matter; the desired outcomes have to be in view. That’s what sparks motivation and increases the potential for success.