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Leadership Coaching Groups

What is it?

Leadership Coaching Groups offer professionals a unique opportunity to exchange best practices, receive real-time feedback, and have candid, confidential conversations with peers. By tapping into the collective wisdom, knowledge and experience of colleagues in a facilitated setting, you can achieve the results you desire more quickly than you might on your own. It’s like having a “board of directors” to brainstorm with you, challenge your thinking, offer alternative perspectives, keep you motivated and hold you accountable for the goals you set.

Who are the members?

Leadership Coaching Groups consist of highly motivated, similarly-tiered professionals who are interested in taking their leadership to the next level. Group composition is customized and can be formed with individuals from the same professions, industries, or from a diverse mix. Group size ranges from five to seven members, with a minimum of three. An interview and application are used to qualify and match participants.

What to expect?

Typically, meetings are once or twice per month, in person or by phone, based on members’ preferences. Topics for discussion can be strategic or tactical and are driven by the needs and interests of each member. All conversations are confidential.

While it may end up that you share referrals, networking is not the intended purpose of the group. Rather, the purpose is to leverage the experience and perspectives of your peers to assist with brainstorming, support and accountability in service of your objectives.

Donna’s role is to lead the group toward productive outcomes for each member. She contributes her perspective from extensive experience coaching leaders in diverse professions and industries. Additionally, Donna facilitates the meetings to ensure no member dominates or disappears in discussions.

How does it work?

Qualified members will be matched and invited to join a Leadership Coaching Group based on an interview and application. Members agree to an initial three-month term and are offered the additional option of individual, one-on-one leadership coaching.

To learn whether a Leadership Coaching Group is right for you, contact Donna.