Donna Conforti, LLC: Executive Coaching for Individuals and Teams


The results you can expect depend on what you want from coaching and what you’re willing to put into it.

Here is a sample of Donna’s recent coaching work:

  • CEO of newly restructured, fast-growing hedge fund to lead the firm’s shift to a post-entrepreneurial environment
  • CEO of a subsidiary of a global conglomerate to advance his team’s agenda at the most senior levels of the enterprise; and to elevate morale after a major reorganization
  • Managing Director/Head of business unit for a global investment management firm to lead and contribute more strategically; to advocate for his business broadly across the company; to collaborate with peers; and to be more direct and constructive in his communications
  • SVP of Global Client Operations for a media company to temper his commanding communications style and build more effective relationships with his peers and the executive committee. Post-coaching, he was promoted to a C-level position.
  • Executive Director at global pharmaceutical company to lead with credibility and impact in the face of an underperforming, high-stakes brand
  • Chief Merchandising Officer of a national retail apparel company to become more collaborative with her peers and direct reports
  • VP/Site Head for global pharmaceutical company to consistently demonstrate confidence and conviction in her communications; and to successfully lead her site through significant business and organizational change
  • Fast-tracked, “Gen Y” VP for a financial services company to accelerate her executive growth, and to enhance her executive disposition. Post-coaching, she was promoted to SVP.
  • Executive Director of a pharmaceutical company in a mission-critical, high-visibility department to lead strategically, empower her team and build local-international collaboration
  • Managing Director/Senior VP of Sales for a global consulting company to lead effectively as interim EVP /Executive Committee member, and prepare him to compete for the role